Hallgrímur Passion

An English version of Hallgrímur Passion, with translation by Gracia Grindal, is now avaliable.

Nunc dimittis

Nunc dimittis will be performed by the Foundation Choir of the International School of Geneva, conducted by William Heckel, on the 29th of January, at Auditoire de Calvin, Geneva,Switzerland.

The Adventure of the King’s Son Hlini

The Adventure of the King’s Son Hlini is a new work for children by Sigurður Sævarsson which is based on an Icelandic folk tale. It will be premiered at the Dark Music Days Festival, in Harpa Music Hall, Iceland, on the 28th of January, by Björn Thorarenssen, narrator, and the Sheherazade ensemble.

O magnum mysterium

O magnum mysterium will be performed by Coro Carla Amori, directed by Andrea Angelini, at Parrocchia Sant’Andrea dell’Ausa – Crocifisso, Rimini, Italy, on the 21st of December.

O magnum mysterium

O magnum mysterium will be performed by Coro Cum Iubilo, conducted by Giovanni Scalici at Settimana di Musica Sacra in Monreale, Palermo, Italy, on the 17th of December, on the 23rd at Piana degli Albanesi, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele – Piana degli Albanesi and on 6th of January 2017 at Chiesa di San Giuseppe dei Teatini.